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The style of ANNAPASSER is dedicated to the woman, who is confident in her choice to be herself. It is an expression of sophistication, elevating the most essential elements of fashion to another level. Explore the vision of a young, Italian fashion house, as we redefine the concept of contemporary fashion.

Style is all around us, but it takes a keen eye to take a small inspiration from everyday life… a color, a shape, and transform that idea into a piece of wearable art. Fashion is an expression of the individual. A piece of clothing is a statement, a commentary on the world that surrounds us. This is the philosophy of ANNAPASSER.

Maison, based in Milan, is devoted to women who seek elegance, comfort, and refinement without affectation. A truly fashionable piece of clothing is the one that makes you feel at ease in any situation, on the street or in the ballroom. 

The woman who chooses ANNAPASSER is cosmopolitan, chic, at ease with herself, and an easy step ahead of the madness of modern life. From the first rays of the morning sun, the ANNAPASSER woman revels in the daily ritual of dressing and preparing for the day.  The ANNAPASSER woman understands that her fashion is her signature on the painting of her world. From the dynamic skylines of New York, to an ultra modern and harmonious Tokyo, to London with it’s evolving but ever classic spirit… the style of ANNAPASSER is at home anywhere. 

ANNAPASSER's style is for the woman who can show her personality without being ostentatious or imposing. It focuses carefully balances the playful with the formal, and embraces the relationship between technological advancement and new fashion. Brand seeks out new materials and innovations that improve the quality of our pieces. The fabric on a woman’s body is not only a thing of beauty, but a modern interface with a modern world. 

Above all else, the hallmark of ANNAPASSER is craftsmanship. Maison adhere to the highest standards of Italian fashion and tailoring. Attention to the smallest detail is evident in every piece that comes from Maison.

” Made in Italy” doesn’t just mean that garments are produced in Italy, it means that they are inspired by a country with the richest fashion history on earth. Brand takes our inspiration from the mesmerizing landscapes of Tuscany and the timelessness of Rome’s marble monuments. Maison's clothing is a journey through this beautiful and dreamlike country.  Every piece, from the selection of the fabric, to the cutting and sewing, is 100% made in Italy.